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Welcome to Vin Grace!

Vin Grace is a certified and accomplished pervasive store for customers all over India. Every individual who is associated with Vin Grace Company is forced and committed to care and works for the improvement in one’s living. Vin Grace Company involves various equipments for people with special needs like wheelchairs, Indoor Stair Lifts, Outdoor Stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, Stairclimber, Evacuation Chairs, Ramps, Home Elevators and other Mobility products. Vin Grace is a known and prevalent for working with various organizations including Architecture, Therapist, Government and NGOs that work in the field of people with special needs. Vin Grace is privileged in serving you with wagered level of quality and services and Vin Grace commits one for better life.

Our mission is not just to provide you with a piece of assertive technology equipment, but to develop a relationship with you and your loved ones that lasts a lifetime.