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Inclined Platform Lift – Garaventa Xpress II

platform lift xpress ii platform lift

Inclined Platform Lift – Garaventa Xpress II

The inclined platform wheelchair lift (Garaventa Lift Xpress II) is designed to provide economical access between two landings. The platform travels on two rails which are secured directly to the wall or to support towers, and is propelled by means of a carriage mounted rack and pinion drive system. When the platform is not in use it is folded, taking up minimal space on the stairway.



The Xpress II is cost-effective and is ADA compliant. With a variety of standard and optional features available, it can be designed to suit the needs of the user and building owner.

Highlighted below are some of the many standard features available. For more extensive information, consult the Xpress II Design & Planning Guide or contact your local Garaventa Lift Representative.
225kg (495 lbs)

Choice of Three Platform Sizes
800mm x 1250mm (31 1/2″ x 49 1/4″) – ADA Compliant
800mm x 1000mm (31 1/2″ x 39 3/8″)
750mm x 900 mm (29 1/2″ x 35 1/2″)

Drive System
The platform mounted drive system consists of a .75 H.P. motor, gearbox, pinion gear and flexible travelling cable.

Curved Safety Arms
Fully automatic safety arms are available to further increase the safety of the passenger.

Platform Controls
Constant Pressure Control Buttons – Large illuminated direction control buttons allow for independent operation of the lift.
Key-less Platform Operation
Emergency Stop Button – Used to stop the lift in an emergency.
Grab-rail – Assists passenger with loading and unloading

Call Station Controls
The One Touch Control System – Unfolds platform and activates the ramps and optional curved safety arms.

Key Controlled Operation – This feature restricts operation to authorized users.

Keyed Call Stations – Restricts operation to authorized users

Platform Sensors

Leading Ramp Sensor – When the platform is called to or from the landing area in the folded position the loading ramp is sensitive to obstructions.

Under Platform Sensing Plate – The under platform sensing plate detects obstacles underneath the platform.

Bi-directional Sensing – The ramps are designed to be obstruction sensitive in the direction of travel on the outside of the ramps as well as from within the platform. The internal ramp sensor prevents a wheelchair from being off-center on the platform deck.

Emergency Manual Lowering

This features allows the lift to be manually lowered during a power outage.

Hour Counter

Shows the amount of time the Xpress II has been used.


Champagne colored anodized aluminium rails and loading ramps, with non-aluminium components of the lift finished in a durable polyester powder paint coating in fine-textured Satin Grey paint.

Optional Features

Optional Features of the GSL Artira Model
Highlighted below are a number of the Artira’s optional features. For additional optional features consult the Artira Design & Planning Guide or contact your local Garaventa Representative.

Side Load (optional)
The Side Load platform is designed for those lifts with confined lower landing areas. An additional side ramp allows the passenger to board the platform diagonally for easier access to the platform.

Finishes (optional)
The Artira can be finished with optional RAL colors, custom matched colors, stainless steel or painted stainless steel finishes.

Auto Fold (optional)
This feature will allow the platform to automatically fold if left unattended for a period of time at a landing. This ensures the stairway remains clear in the event someone forgets to fold the platform.

Integrated Pedestrian Handrails (optional)
An additional rail can be added to the system for pedestrian use.

Folding Seat (optional)
The folding seat enables semi-ambulatory or people with temporary injuries to use the lift.

Dek-Lite (optional)
The Dek-Lite illuminates the platform for safe loading and unloading available only with the folding seat option.

Outdoor Package (optional)
When the Stair-Lift is located outdoors, the Stainless Steel finish is required. For a comprehensive listing of stainless steel components consult the Artira Design and Planning Guide.

Attendant Remote Control (optional)
An attendant would walk beside the Stairlift and operate the hand control.

Auxiliary Power System (optional)
This system ensures the lift operates during a power outage. This battery-powered system provides power for one hour at a rated load.

Platform Lock (optional)
This lock secures the platform in its folded position protecting the unit from vandalism (not available on side load platform).

Fire Alarm Integration (optional)
This option is designed to interface with the building fire safety system, this service interrupts power to the lift when the alarm sounds. This ensures the lift will not obstruct stairway traffic during an evacuation. If the lift is in use when the alarm sounds, it will continue to a designated landing.

Audio-Visual Alert (optional)
The Audio-Visual Alert notifies pedestrians using the stairway that the lift is in use.


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