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Liftkar SAL Electric Stairclimber Hand-Truck

Goods Climber SAL

Liftkar SAL Electric Stairclimber Hand-Truck

With the Liftkar HD series SANO expands its product range of modular powered stairclimbers for loads of up to 330 kg.



Liftkar SAL Electric Goods Climber
LIFTKAR, the electric stairclimber and MODULKAR the handtruck.

The professionals for daily delivery. LIFTKAR SAL is an electric stairclimber or a stair climbing handtruck, extremely light (16 kg) and fast (up to 48 steps per minute). MODULKAR is a handtruck, but built out of the high quality parts of the stairclimber. So, a Liftkar without motor. Both Liftkar and Modulkar are completely modular, every part can be changed.

Aluminium Tube with 3 sections* patented. The center section gives support to the screw. The groove at the center locates the tongue of the crossbar.
Changing the wheel like formula 1 car. Fast, simple with only one screw*.
Extremely strong wheel bracket*. The middle bar* (only Modulkar) with tension screw: elastic and with the strength like spanned concrete. Being only 8 cm from the ground, easier to tilt backwards.
The center groove* for mounting the wheel bracket and special attachments designed for specific loads, all adds to greater stability.
At the mainframe all the same TORX screw*. Only one key is needed.
Hinged toeplate with nylon washer* and spring washer. Never again chattering toeplates.
Wheelhub in 2 parts with screws*,makes changing the tyre easy. Even puncture proof tyres. The wheels are fitted with industrial ball bearings.
 Handle mounting with stainless steel clamps, ensures strength with good stability.


  • Weight-saving, modular alloy construction
  • Robust frame construction using SANO patented dual aluminium profiles
  • Ergonomically designed hand grips with non-slip rubber coating
  • “Up/Down” buttons on both hand grips for optimum control for right- and left-handed operators
  • Perfectly balanced climbing unit for safe operation on steps and stairs
  • Smart-looking, ball bearing mounted aluminium wheels for smooth running even with heavy loads
  • Tough, puncture-proof tires with elastic, profiled running surface – ideal for use on building sites, cobblestones and non-surfaced areas, etc.
  • Innovative step edge braking system safely integrated into the aluminium wheels
  • High-strength aluminium toe plate bolted to main frame (L x W = 530 mm x 183 mm)



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