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Otolift Line Straight Stair Chair Lift – 5 Meter Length

Otolift Line Straight Stair Chair Lift – 5 Meter Length



The Otolift Line is specifically designed for straight stairs. In the design phase of this stairlift, the primary focus was not only put on safety, but also on reliability. Therefore, only high-quality materials are used, which gives the stairlift a long lifespan.

Every Otolift line is custom made, and therefore always fits your stairs. Another important aspect is its user-friendliness. The chair is light and easily foldable and the seating and backrest are equipped with comfortable upholstery.

Oto Line Indoor Straight Stairlift with Extra Length
Rail Length: 9 Meter
Price: 240000 + 5% + Freight Charges
Oto Line Outdoor Straight Stairlift
Rail Length: 7.5 Meter
Price: 3,20,000 + 5% + Freight Charges

Additional information

Ideal For


Seat Material


Seat Color


Footrest Folding


Swivel Seat


Hinge Rail


Advantages & Options

  • Silent, stable and smooth ride quality
  • Choice of colours for finish of rail and seat upholstery
  • Tight internal and external curve radius
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Long range radio frequency landing controls
  • Start delay to prevent sudden movement
  • Safety sensors and overspeed governor
  • Soft start and smooth stop
  • Stable and slim twin rail system

Main Options

  • Rail available in any RAL colour
  • Different seat colours
  • Automatic footrest folding
  • Wall fxing of rails
  • Heavy duty option
  • Extra wide seat and H-style seat belt



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